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We offer top-quality double glazing, windows, and doors. Nestled in the heart of Glasgow, we pride ourselves on blending traditional Scottish craftsmanship with modern technology to provide unparalleled products and services. Our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction is evident in every project we undertake.

With years of experience in enhancing homes and businesses across Glasgow, we understand the importance of durability, style, and energy efficiency. Our bespoke range of double glazed windows and doors are designed to meet your specific needs, ensuring a perfect match for your property's aesthetic and functional requirements.

You can save money with new double glazing

Over 20% of heat loss within the home occurs through old or outdated windows and doors, resulting in expensive home heating bills. Budget products are thermally efficient by design; by selecting Budget windows you could reduce your home heating bills by up to 40%

Professionally fitted for a price to suit your budget

Prioritizing customer satisfaction, our company extends its services across a broad coverage area. This expansive reach enables us to promptly address your needs and cultivate a multitude of satisfied customers. Consequently, our reputation as a trusted entity has grown, earning the trust of both our local clients near our Blantyre base and those situated as far as Glasgow. Whether you reside in Shawlands, Hamilton, Broomhill, or the surrounding areas, feel free to reach out for a competitive quote.

House Door Front


With their innovative hinge system, Tilt and Turn windows offer added safety and convenience features to the traditional casement window. Incredibly easy to operate, in the 'Tilt Position', the top tilts in towards the room to provide enhanced ventilation. In the 'Turn Position', the window opens inwards a full 90 degrees, making it suitable as a fire escape exit and also allowing the exterior of the window to be safely and easily cleaned from inside the house.

Tilt and Turn Windows


Stylish, secure and versatile, French windows, designed in the style as French doors, add a sense of elegance to any home. With two outward openings, and the facility to open either one side or both sides simultaneously, French windows maximise ventilation and also serve as a fire escape exit.

French Windows


The traditional Casement style window is the most popular and versatile window design and offers superb protection against the wind and rain. Hinged either on the side or at the top, casement windows are the most energy-efficient option for most homes, and with a vast range of styles and decorative finishes available, Budget casement windows are designed to complement any house type.

Casement Style Window


Shaped frames can create real stand-out and a unique look and feel to any new build home or renovation project. Through our advanced moulding and forming technology, we can create frames in virtually any shape, from round portholes to gothic arches and unsymmetrical shapes.

All shaped frames are designed to complement our Budget window and door range; with a fully sculptured frame finish and a range of colour and glazing options available.

Shaped Windows


With quality and innovation at the core of our business, we are pleased to offer customers a product range that perfectly complements today's current climate.

Product Performance


Our products are manufactured to only the highest quality standards and are backed by an exclusive 15 year performance guarantee.

Multi Chambers


Multi chambers within the profile help eliminate heat loss through the frame; keeping your home warm and reducing waste energy.

Energy Performance Double Glazed Windows


Our double glazed windows feature heat reflecting glass and 'A' ratings as standard on all casement-style windows.

Window frames feature conceal gaskets


Window frames feature conceal gaskets that for zero sightlines, ensuring the gasket rubber doesn't obstruct the glazing area.

Positive Drainage


Inbuilt channels within the profile system provide enhanced weather performance; ensuring your frames remain fully sealed and watertight.

Frame Finish


All frames feature 100% lead-free, virgin kunstofftechnik frames and also fully welded for enhanced mechanical performance and aesthetic appeal.

Windows with U-Values


U-values take into account all components of the window including the frame, glass and spacer bar; therefore the lower the U-value, the more energy efficient the window.

Our double glazed windows offer U-values of 1.4 W/m²K as standard 'A' rating, with the option to reduce the overall U-value to as 1.2 W/m²K. By selecting the triple glazed windows, featuring Soft Coat Xtra and Argon gas, you can further reduce the whole window U-value to only 0.8 W/m²K.

Budget windows are independently tested and certified, and exceed building regulation requirements for energy efficiency, which can be beneficial if renting or selling a property.

Customer Reviews
  • We recently had our old windows replaced by Budget Windows, and the experience was outstanding. The team was professional, courteous, and highly skilled. Our new double-glazed windows have not only enhanced the look of our home but also significantly improved insulation. We've already noticed a reduction in our energy bills. A big thank you to Budget Windows for their exceptional service and quality!

    Sarah Thompson

  • I'm thoroughly impressed with the expertise and customer service provided by Budget Windows. From the initial consultation to the installation of the double glazing windows, everything was seamless. The team's attention to detail and respect for our home was commendable. Our new windows have completely transformed our living space, making it much quieter and more comfortable. Highly recommend Budget Windows for anyone looking for quality double glazing services.

    David Johnson

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