How Newer Double or Triple Glazed Windows Can save You Money

27th March 2024
Double Glazed Windows

Utility bills, the bane of our existence and the number one thing that leaves our pockets empty. Did you know that most of our heat and cold air seep out of our homes everyday through drafty windows and doors? It’s like our parents used to say, “I’m not heating the outdoors”. Well, you are if you have leaky windows and doors in Glasgow.

That is where a door company Glasgow can help you. By installing new windows and doors, you can save yourself tons of money every year. Not only are you saving money but if you install the right windows, you can also become more eco-friendly and reap so many more benefits. How do I do that, you may ask. Follow along as we discuss how even the most affordable windows and doors can help you to save money, be eco-friendly, and so much more.

Energy savings

Have you ever sat by a window in an old house and felt the cold air seeping through it, knowing that the window is completely closed? This leakage of air not only makes your house colder, but also allows the heat to seep out — defeating the purpose of even having the heat on. To solve this issue, it is best to replace your windows with new double or triple glazed ones and also replace your doors with newer ones that have airtight seals. Not only do double and triple glazed windows save you money they also are eco-friendly. These units can reduce your carbon footprint by up to 400 kg which is similar to driving around 2000 miles (ca. 3,219 km) in a non-eco-friendly vehicle. Yes, it may cost you to replace them but in the long run the money you save on your energy bills and the ecosystem will more than make up for that cost. Furthermore, if you get good quality doors and windows, you can reap the savings for many years to come.

How can this save me money?

Most homes nowadays have a form of double paned windows due to the regulations against single pane windows for unlisted buildings. These older windows can still leak and be less efficient. Newer double and triple pane windows have gaps between the layers of glass that are filled with Argon or some other inert gas that provides an extra level of insulation. Since the gas is heavier than the surrounding air, it provides a barrier that stops the air from seeping in between the panes. While double-glazed windows are highly efficient at saving you money, triple glazed is even more so. The reason for this is that the extra layer of glass makes the window even thicker. What’s more, triple glazed windows and newer doors can also provide you savings by making it much harder to break the window and break into your home.

How to find a good window and door company

When you have decided to upgrade your home, do your research to find the most affordable windows and doors. Ask friends, family, and neighbours what door company Glasgow they use or can recommend. Look at the testimonials and pictures from previous projects of the company that installs windows and doors in Glasgow. Ask them how they can help you get the latest and most efficient units to save you as much money as possible and ensure they can fit the price within your budget. No matter whether you decide to have double or triple glazed windows installed, sit back and watch the savings roll in when you are done.


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